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New Guidelines for 170 paper

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on September 18, 2009

Because of time constraints we will not anymore have an Oral and Written Report. The Oral and Written component of the course is now changed to a Short Term Paper.  However the class will retain its grade equivalent that is 20% of the final grade.

The following Oral and Written Report Guidelines and still applies to the Short Term Paper;

“no more than ten pages with at least 15 book or journal sources”

“only three online resources are allowed”

“The deadline for topic consultation is on September 25, 2009, Friday”

In addition the following guidelines also apply

1. The referencing and in-text citation should follow the APSA style guide.

2. The paper should be submitted in a short bond paper, in Times New Roman size 12 font. Margin should be one inch for all sides, securely stapled, without a folder.

5. The soft copy of the final paper is to be submitted to this address ( only, and labeled as -surname Pol. Sci. 170-Short title of the paper.  Each Student should submit two versions of the soft copy, a word file and a PDF file. The due date for soft copy submission is on October 12, 2009, Monday. Failed attachment and other technical glitches will not be accepted as an excuse for non-submission. Those who cannot submit the soft copy need not bother to submit a hard copy the next day.

6. The hard copy is due on October 13, 2009, Tuesday on of before 11: 50 in the morning, CAS time, on top of my desk at the Social Sciences Faculty room. A copy of the approved outline must be included in submitting the final paper.

Do not hesitate to see your instructor for consultation and clarification if there is anything unclear with the guidelines.


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