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Pol. Sci. 180 International Security Group Assignment

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on August 23, 2010

Security in the Middle East Group Assignment.


Group 1

Roxas, Villaneva, Caburlan, Lebrilla, Bernardez, Sorongon, Morilla, Niquia.

Group 2

Alberastine, Almio, Inaudito, Sobriaga, Colago, Bagundang, Palomo, Magbanua.

Group 3

Tabernilla, Gentuya, Tranco, Gloria, Garcia, Albaladejo, Gallos.

Explore the following themes and questions that will help you understand the concepts and dynamics of security in international politics;

1. The outside actors in Middle East Security; Constructive or aggravating effects? (Group 1)

2. Regional security dynamics in the Middle East; should the focus be the region in general or intractable bilateral conflicts? (Group 2)

3. Domestic dynamics (comparison of Iran and Israel case); does the interaction of domestic, regional and global factors present positive signs in each country’s domestic security issues? (Group 3)

General instruction. The group is to produce a written output and a presentation dealing with the assigned topic or theme listed above. It should include;

1. An overview of your assigned security issue using conventional, common, collective and comprehensive security perspectives, including its brief history, key actors, processes and recent development.

2. An answer to the assigned question based on both the liberal and realist approach to international security.

3. Identification and explanation of the approach that is most likely to improve the security predicament under investigation, taking into account individual, state and society, and systemic factors.

The group written output should be from 15 to 20 pages, double space, times new roman size 12. This should include a bibliography and internal citation following the American Political Science Association format. You can download the APSA style guide from the Association’s website. The sources provided to you must be utilized but you are encouraged to find other sources as well, especially on the more current development of issues assigned to the group. A soft copy of the paper should be submitted to on or before September 1. A printed copy of exactly the same work is to be submitted on the day of the presentation.

The presentation should be outlined based on the written paper and is to last from 15-20 minutes for each group. Each group or the class is expected to make the necessary technical arrangement for the presentation. If classes will not be suspended on September 2, the presentation will be scheduled on that day. If classes will be suspended then the presentation will be on the 6th.


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