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Chapter II Outline (Soc. Sci. 199.2)

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on January 20, 2011

Below is the outline for your Chapter II submission. Do note that this is simply a review of what we discussed in 199.1. I just posted this to update you. Some submission do not seem to follow this outline.

Generally your chapter II will be composed of three parts, research design, methods, and data analysis.

I. Research Design Stage

  • Formulating the research question/overview of the research question/recap/ presentation of hypothesis
  • Operationalization, this needs to be very specific, you actual site, respondents, and so on
  • Who do we study? Unit of analysis? why this unit of analysis
  • Selecting research design, comparative, survey? explain why this design is more likely to help you gather data and answer the question you have set for the study ¬†compared to other possible designs.

II. Data gathering stage

  • Overview- what was done, where and how, observation of research ethics
  • Primary data collection,
  • Secondary data collection
  • what will you gather and how this set of data help provide information to answer your question

III. Data analysis

  • How will you conclude about the question by interpreting the data.
  • explain your formula, if you have any
  • how will you say that yes the relationship of the variables is as predicted in your design.

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