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Ernesto and Angela Abellera Research Award Outstanding Undergraduate Research (Social Sciences) (Soc. Sci. 199.2)

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on February 4, 2011

Attention: New Deadline for Final Submission of Competing papers Feb 25, 2011. But you need to sit down with me for polishing before this.


Ernesto and Angela Abellera Research Award

Outstanding Undergraduate Research (Social Sciences)




1.  The research paper/manuscript, either single or co-authored, must be based on the output in Social Science 199.2 or its equivalent in Psychology, Economics and Community Development. Only students enrolled in the current academic year for said subject are eligible for the award.

2.  The manuscript is NOT a technical report but  written in journal article format following the APA style. It must be at most 20 A4 pages (12 size font, double spaced) in length, excluding bibliography, citations and appendices.

3.  The manuscript must be submitted to the Department Chair on or before February 28 each year.

4.  The research paper must be endorsed by the adviser. This is to ensure that the paper’s quality has been vetted.

5.  There is no limit as to the number of research papers submitted per social science cluster (History, Community Development, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology)

6.  There shall be a panel consisting of 3 members who shall evaluate the submissions and decide on the winner. Said members must: (a) be UP Visayas faculty members, current or retired; and (b) hold a master’s or doctorate degree in any of the social science disciplines. Current advisers/Social Science 199.2 teachers can NOT be panel members.

7.  The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will select the panel members from a shortlist recommended by the Division of Social Sciences chair no later than February 1 of each year.

8.  Student/s will present their papers in a public forum before the panel and an audience consisting of other faculty members and fellow students. During this presentation, they will be marked according to their ability to answer questions posed by the panel members and audience, as well as the clarity of their presentation. The public forum will be scheduled sometime in mid March each year; thus allowing panel members two weeks to read the manuscripts.

9.  Individual panel members will give two sets of scores: for the paper and for the presentation.


Paper                                                            80%


clarity of arguments (including correct use of grammar and punctuation)            20%

robustness of framework                                                                                                       20%

soundness of methodology employed                                                                                 20%

analytical strength                                                                                                                   20%


Presentation                                                20%


delivery (including response to questions)                                                                        10%

clarity of presentation (including the use of slides)                                                        10%


10. The scores (for the paper and the presentation) will be tabulated immediately after the public forum.

11. Student/s who get the highest scores based on this two criteria will be the winner.

  1. There shall only be one winner. In case of a numerical tie, the title and monetary reward will be divided equally between the students.
  2. The winner will be given the award during the Papuri (April).



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