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Because we need to deal with the outside world

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on February 5, 2011

Unfortunately, however, the blogosphere is like a desert without even a single oasis in sight when it comes to academic discussions in Philippine international relations and foreign policy. There are plenty of journalists’s blogsite reporting on Philippine international relations New York Times Manila correspondent Carlos Conde has NutGraf, or we can also check many independent journalism sites like PCIJ and Newsbreak. These sites, however, do not exclusively focus on international relations and foreign policy. Therefore  it is fair to say that there is really no home for Philippine IR and foreign policy discussions in the blogosphere. And that is why I think a dedicated blog will fill that gap.

Actually this is just a semi-pretentious way of  saying that I have finally mustered enough energy from a cup (Or more) of espresso to start giving life to a long dormant and next to empty blog. I am of course talking about my other blog Philippine International Relation Forum.

I am inviting everybody to visit it and comment. Also you may be interested to contribute. I need all the help I can muster to keep this blog flowing, either from a warm body or from a hot cup, just let it flow and flow.


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Brian C. Ventura

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