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Final Exam Questions for Pol. Sci. 193

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on March 21, 2011

Please disseminate this information to your classmates.

Answer each item in not more than 1000 words (+/- 20). I expect that your answer will demonstrate your understanding and evaluation of the ideas of the theorists discussed in class. Do not simply copy their ideas.

1. Trace the evolution of the role of the government from Machiavelli to Marx and Engels. Account for the relationship between the government and the state and the reasons for each given role as identified by the various theorists, particularly if the role is intended to be expansive, limited or undefined.

2. Locate international relations from Machiavelli to Marx and Engels. Who are the actors and what is the general contour of the environment for each thinker?

3. Part 1. What is the boundary between private and public? How is it related to the boundary between the state and the economy? Is it affirmed, negated or contested by the theorists?

Part 2. Consider the same questions and relate it to the views advanced in this                material.( The-nordic-way-final)

Submit your answer to as a word file not later than 5:00 pm (Phil. Time)Thursday March 24, 2011. Late papers will not be considered. Label your paper as Smith 193 final exam.


4 Responses to “Final Exam Questions for Pol. Sci. 193”

  1. Brian C. Ventura said

    A couple of students asked me about the following matters just a moment ago.

    If questions under number three belong under one item. YES.

  2. Hilarion C. Matavia Jr. said

    Sir Bri,
    The pdf file can’t be downloaded…it’s taking time to download..

  3. Brian C. Ventura said

    I think the problem is really with the connection, not the upload. I am trying to download the original file but its also slow. Just be patient, I tested the uploaded file and its working.
    You can copy paste this to your browser but this is the same as the link embedded in the file.

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