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Soc. Sci. 2 Final Activity.

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on March 21, 2011

Post your group output link as a comment below not later than 5 pm, Thursday, March 24, 2011.  Make sure that the link is working.


10 Responses to “Soc. Sci. 2 Final Activity.”

  1. Maria Myka R. Bomediano said

    the link is for the discussion on Gandhi, Group 1

  2. Maria Myka R. Bomediano said

  3. Lyzandra Cortum, Rosario Dizon, Shan Kaye Tumabotabo, Sheena Clarito said

  4. Group 2: American Economy, Chomsky and Marx
    Youtube Username: TheSocSci2 or


    Lyzandra Cortum
    Shan Kaye Tumabotabo
    Rosario Dizon
    Sheena Grace Clarito

    Lady Lyn Dulos?

    • Brian C. Ventura said

      Is this your final list of group members? Why do you have a ? next to Ms. Dulos’s name? Send me a finlalist of those who contributed to this output.

      • shankaye said

        The members of group 2 who have contributed are Lyzandra Cortum, Shan Kaye Tumabotabo, Rosario Dizon and Sheena Grace Clarito.

  5. Brian C. Ventura said

    This is to let you all know that your your requirements were posted late.

  6. Myka Bomediano said

    Sir, for Group 1, these are the members:

    Bertrand Roldan
    Eric Abalajon
    Myka Bomediano
    John Jowil Orquia
    Rose Ann Secular
    Paulina Ong

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