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Social Science 2 Writing Assignment: Pointers, format and further instructions

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on July 24, 2011


Note the following points related to Machiavelli’s the Prince in writing your reaction paper for the film RAN;


1. To what extent is furtuna and virtu a major part of the events portrayed in the film?

2. Examine the use of violence by the actors in the film and compare it with Machiavelli’s view of violence, particularly in terms of how and why it should be used.

3. Can you say that war and power, as portrayed in the film, is similar, opposite or different from how it is presented by Machiavelli in the Prince?


Include at least one of the three as the focus of your ideas in writing your reaction paper. While you are not limited to only these, make sure that you at least examine the film using the basics of Machiavelli’s main points.


Note the following in writing your reaction paper;


1. It should be type written in  1 to 2 pages of short white bond paper, double spaced, with one inch margin on all sides.

2. Identify yourself only using your student number only.

3. Do your best to avoid submitting a paper littered with typographical, spelling and grammar errors and dirty erasures.  Edit your paper before printing.

4. Be sure to credit ideas that is not your own. Cite your sources in-text and provide a reference list (only the list of sources cited) at the end of your essay following the APA citation format. (check these for links for details- in-text citation, basic reference list,book sourceselectronic sources)

5. Due dates are as follows; Section 8 MTH (Aug. 4) Sections 2 and 3 TF (Aug. 5). Submit all your papers in class, place it on top of the table. I will collect the papers before the start of the class. Only papers on top of the table during the designated time for collection will be considered.   


Please disseminate this information to your classmates. 


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