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Soc. Sci. 199.1 Class Activity

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on July 27, 2011

Click the link here for REFERO anti-plagiarism tutorial.

Finish the tutorial and provide what is being asked below

  • examples of run in quotation, (defining IGO second paragraph, in italics p. 839
  • examples of block quotation (defining IGO second paragraph, in italics p. 839)
  • examples of paraphrasing (previous efforts p. 838-839) 
  • in each item identified above, provide two examples, one wrong example and another correct example. Explain why one is correct and why the other is wrong.
Down load this article. Identifying Formal Intergovernmental Organizations. This is where you will get what you will need to quote and paraphrase.
Submit your assignment as a word attachment labelled as “Surname-Anti Plagiarism Tutorial” to my email address. Your assignment should be in on or before 12 noon Friday July 29, 2011.
I will expect that those of you who have problematic topics, most of you in fact, will work on improving it during the time that we will not hold a class. I expect that those who have very vague topics will repeat the previous class activities, on their own, with a much clearer topic in mind.
Classes will resume on August 4.




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