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Soc. Sci. 2 Exam comments.

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on October 10, 2011

Note that many of the mistakes here are avoidable, like not following instructions. Make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes for the next exam.

 -answer the questions, to not give me a summary of the philosophers ideas that are neither needed nor relevant to what is being asked.


-the instruction explicitly required the use of a contemporary example to illustrate your points, a lot did not provide this.

-claims, opinions should be something that is grounded on evidence,

-the instruction did not ask you to say if you agree or disagree, you must only explain. You can express your agreement or disagreement to the statements, but only after you have clearly explained what they mean.

-Justice, both from the perspective of Plato and Aristotle are properties of the society and not just of the individual

-On the church of Augustine and religion of Aquinas, you can note the difference based on the historical context of their ideas, or their characterizations of church/religion in terms of their purpose in the society, their relationship with man, their relationship with the state

-there are a couple who were unable to distinguish the ideas of Augustine from the ideas of Aquinas. 

-do not just repeat what I discussed in class or what the philosophers said, answer the question

-many failed to account for the definition of the terms before using into using them to explain and provide examples


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