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Soc. Sci. 2 Reaction paper comments

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on October 10, 2011

1. Introduction should be about the topic noted for reaction, Machiavelli’s ideas and the pointers required as indicated in the assignment instruction, not just about the film. Many of your introductions were very obviously lifted from popular film review websites.


2. The question of violence is not just about violence per se but also its purpose, why it was used and if it was able to achieve this purpose successfully.


Also note that Machiavelli consider both the use of violence and law as important tools for the leader, but the use of these means should be based on what the circumstances demand. In other words, it is a big misinterpretation to say that a Machiavellian leader is necessarily a violent leader, or one who would use violence as a way of dealing with almost any problem he is confronting.


3. Regarding your sources.


Our assigned reading listed in the course outline would have been more than sufficient for your to understand Machiavelli and answer what was being asked for the reaction paper. Most of you, however, only read secondary materials, in other words other peoples’ interpretation. Spark notes is a popular source for students who cannot understand the text or those who are too lazy to exert more efforts to read and understand original text.


4. There is no need to emphasize the obvious and retell the details of the film in your reaction paper, especially if it is not relevant to the points you are making.


5. A number of students failed to distinguish virtu and virtue



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