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Pol. Sci. 193 Articles for Introductory Discussion

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on November 15, 2011

Guide questions/pointers and Articles for Discussion.


1.  What does it mean when we say there is no such thing as canon texts in studying political philosophy? How does this affect the way we read the texts and how are going to decide what texts to study?


2. According to the discussion participants, to what extent is Marxism today elitist, to what extent is it popular?


3. Locate feminism in the study of political philosophy.


4. What does it mean when we say “we have no alternative but to have theories”? How did post-modernism challenge this, how did this challenge affect the way political philosophy is studied.


5. To what extent can empirical social science enrich the study of political philosophy? What are the limits of this relationship?


Political Science and Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy View from Cambridge


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