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Abstract submission on Chinese diaspora study.

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on January 23, 2012

See details below.


Reminder: Deadline for abstract submission February 1, 2012

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Kritika Kultura

Regional Studies of
the Chinese Diaspora in the Philippines

Past writings on the Chinese in the Philippines, influenced by
nation-based perspectives, often examine the
history of the Chinese diaspora in the Philippines within the territorial
boundaries of the Philippine nation-state. Such works also tend to adopt
earlier sociological paradigms in the study of identities, casting the ethnic
identities of these diasporic subjects in binarist terms and pandering
(sometimes unwittingly) to the metannaratives of national histories. Recent
works on the Chinese diaspora in the Philippines have begun to utilize a more
transnational approach that, apart from focusing on the interconnections
between China and the Philippines, demonstrate how ethnic categorizations are
contested and negotiated. However, the emphasis on the bilateral relationship
between the two countries also is unidirectional, mainly dealing with the
cultural and economic influence from China to the Philippines. The utilization
of an expanded form of transnationalism, in both the geographical and
theoretical sense, can lead to studies that not only portray the rich,
multivalent, and variegated life experiences of these historical actors but
also enrich our knowledge of their history and that of the Philippines writ

Kritika Kultura, through its guest editors Richard T. Chu and Caroline
Hau, invites
submissions that focus on the Chinese diaspora in the Philippines, in
particular on its “regional” forms of transnationalisms, loosely defined as
pertaining to those travels—whether educational, personal, political, economic,
or even romantic itineraries—between the Philippines and what is now called
“East Asia” (Northeast and Southeast Asia).  These studies can take
the form of family or oral histories,
or any other types of historical study spanning the period from, but not
limited to, the late nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Works that
demonstrate the mutuality of cultural interactions in flows between the
Philippines and China—i.e., how flows from the Philippines and elsewhere to
China might have had an impact on the everyday lives of the Southern
Chinese—are also welcome, as well as family histories involving Chinese
mestizos and Filipinos who had traveled to and lived in China, and how their
experiences shaped their sensibilities and self-identifications.

Kritika Kultura
will publish eight to
ten papers chosen for its August 2013 issue. All submissions will be subject to
peer review. An abstract of 250-400 words should be given by February
1, 2012. Essays,
5000-7000 words long and submitted as a Word document, are due on August 1,
2012 to Richard T. Chu ( ) and Caroline Hau
(, guest editors of this Forum Kritika. Regarding style
and format, all essays should follow the guidelines of the most recent MLA

Kritika Kultura

is a refereed
electronic journal of the Ateneo de Manila University and is available at

It is indexed by the MLA and other major databases.

Please forward this to any lists that may be appropriate. Thank you.

Richard T. Chu
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Caroline Hau
Kyoto University

Richard T. Chu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
History Department
Herter Hall, Room 627
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-9312
Tel. No. (413) 545-6762
Fax. No. (413) 545-6137


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