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Pol. Sci. 193 and 182 Paper Updates

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on February 10, 2012

Due for topic outline consultation


Pol Sci. 193 still February 24, 2012, Friday

Pol. Sci. 182 February 24, 2012, Friday


Presentation for 182 paper


March 6, 2012 Tuesday


Due for Soft Copy


Pol Sci. 193 March 8, 2012 Thursday, 12 noon

Pol. Sci. 182 March 8, 2012 Thursday, 12 noon


Due for Hard Copy


Pol Sci. 193 March 8, 2012 Thursday,  on or before 5 pm

Pol. Sci. 182 March 8, 2012 Thursday, on or before 5 pm


Late papers will not incur any deduction because they will no longer be accepted.


Failure to submit a soft copy on time means that you no longer need to bother about submitting the hard copy.


It is important that you submit the soft and hard copies that are identical, which means as single file from cover page to references.



Label you soft copies (Word and PDF) as


Pol. Sci. 193-De La Cruz; Comparing the Prince and the Sovereign


Pol. Sci. 182-De La Cruz; Decision-making in Philippine Foreign Policy in a crisis situation


Both the word and PDF files must be sent as attachments in one email message only.


Failure to follow above formatting instructions means a deduction of .25 mark for your paper (ex. From 2.25 to 2.5).


On the issue of corrupted files


Make sure that you do not send corrupted soft copy files. It is incumbent upon you to check the quality of your files before submitting it. One way of checking your file is to send it to yourself and open it before you submit it.


Submitting corrupted files will be treated as equal to failure to submit.



Email me ahead for the consolation schedule, at least three days before, with your block time (ex. Monday Feb. 13, 11:00 to 11:15 am) so I can allocate the time and make myself available for consultation.

You may also include your outline in your email (though you still need to bring a hard copy for consultation)

It would also help if you can include your reference as early as your first outline.


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