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Article for Discussion (Soc. Sci. 1)

Posted by Brian C. Ventura on March 19, 2012

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One in five young Asians think honour violence can be justified

One in five young Asians believe women deserve “physical punishment” if they dishonour their families, a survey has revealed.


7:00AM GMT 19 Mar 2012


Some three per cent even think murder, or so-called “honour killings”, can be justified in some circumstances

And two thirds of young British Asians, including young women, say families should live according to the concept of “honour”, according to the poll for BBC Panorama.

The findings come despite attempts by politicians, the police and prosecutors to send out a strong message that honour-based violence is unacceptable.

Police fear as many as 12 people a year are victims of honour killings in the UK and a recent survey suggested there are more than 2,800 honour crimes committed annually – the equivalent of eight a day.

Last week, the mother of a teenager stabbed to death by her Asian boyfriend claimed her daughter was the first white victim of an honour killing.

Laura Wilson, 17, was repeatedly knifed in the head on a secluded tow path by Ashtiaq Ashgar in 2010 after their relationship turned sour. He was subsequently jailed for at least17-and-a-half years.

In the most high profile case, five men were eventually jailed over the 2006 murder of Banaz Mahmod, including her own father.

The lead prosecutor for honour crimes warned the latest survey reveals campaigners now face a new generation of supports of honour violence.

Nazir Afzal, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “I thought this was a generational thing, it was something that would die out with my generation.

“Unfortunately, I’ve come across many young people who think the same way.”

The survey of 500 Asian men aged 16 to 34 was conducted for a Panorama investigation in to honour crimes.

It found 18 per cent thought punishments on women could be justified in some circumstances if they had dishonoured their family.

That could include disobeying a father’s wishes, wanting to marry someone the family or community considered unacceptable, going out in the evening unaccompanied or dressing in an unacceptable manner.

Three per cent said honour killing could be justified while a similar proportion were undecided.

Some 69 per cent said families should live according to the concept of honour of “izzat”.

Mr Afzal told Panorama: “We don’t know the true figure of honour killings. It’s anything between 10 and 12 a year in this country.

“I don’t know how many other unmarked graves there are in our green and pleasant land, I don’t know. And that suggests to me that we’re underestimating this issue.

“My view is there’s no place for multicultural sensitivity in this situation … This is something that we cannot tolerate.”

Jasvinder Sanghera, of Karma Nirvana, set up a helpline for women at risk of honour based violence. At 14, she was imprisoned in her bedroom after refusing to marry a man she had never met.

“I was conditioned to learn that from a very young age, it is dishonourable to make eye contact with men, sit with men,” she said.

“And the rules shift and change as you get older, you’re not allowed to have boyfriends, be seen talking to the opposite sex, to cut your hair, wear make-up. You are taught these are all dishonourable acts of behaviour.”

In 2010, Mohammed Ali and Omar Hussain were jailed for life for the murder of Banaz Mahmod in January 2006, after being extradited from Iraq.

The men carried out the murder with a third man, Mohammad Hama, on behalf of Miss Mahmod’s father, Mahmod Mahmod, and his brother, Ari.

Hama and Miss Mahmod’s father and uncle, members of the Kurdish community, were jailed at the Old Bailey in 2007.



Question/Points for discussion.

1. To what extent is this problem rooted from one or more agents of socialization?

2. In this case, is there a need to reduce the effects of some agents of socialization?

You may add your discussion points as well.


19 Responses to “Article for Discussion (Soc. Sci. 1)”

  1. Jonnierene P. Placio said

    Agents of socialization may be come the root of problems in society like murder or honour killings. In this case, family as agent of socialization plays a vital role why there is an honour killing happens in some society. Like for example, in the case of women that were forced to marry the man they haven’t meet before or even once. Parents planted on their minds of their daughters that they should marry the man that the family is in favor of. A man who will not be the reason for the destruction of their family’s name. The aims of this so called “arrange marriage” is the maintenance of the convenience of family life and preserving their identity as well. They are just making sure that their child will not marry someone that cannot sustain constantly the needs of the family they will then build. They prefer a person who came from affluent family. This is a problem because couples do not come on the process of getting to know each other. This situation disregards the happiness of couples as their relationship will then start. The worst part of it is that because there are women who made their stand that they should marry the man they love, honour killings then happened which I considered as an immoral act.
    In this problem, there should be a reduction in the effects of family exclusively of parents in the selection of mate of their daughter. Yes, they know what’s the good thing to do for their child but it was their child who will interact most of the time to their partners. They should think several times when it comes in arranging marriages for their children. Family should be considerate to whom and what can makes their children happy.

  2. Acharon, Florentina said

    Family is the primary agent of socialization for me. But, in this case, why is it that the family, itself, plays an opposite role? It should not be. It should contribute much for the welfare of its member instead of making it wretched. It’s not only the family that is involved in this so-called “honour killings” but also the peer groups, also an agent of socialization, since there are cases that involves relationships, wherein they kill their partners, that I think rooted from being friends at first. Also, this is not an ordinary issue since women are involved in here. Dishonouring the family is not precisely equal to “physical punishment”. These punishments are not deserved by women for it’s too much. For not just marrying the man they like, they will be punished? Well, it’s not her parent’s heart which beats. But in the case that going out in the evening unaccompanied or dressing in an unacceptable manner, it is learned in the way they were used to. If they were not exposed in this kind of attitude, more likely they won’t be like that. It’s the responsibility of the parents to take an eye to their daughter and give them gentle reminders to avoid these “punishments” that is somehow related or may result to killings.

  3. Catherine C. Borreros said

    Honour killings is a product of every society’s norm. Someone has the power to do everything, but on the counter side, there is also a relative consequence for every action made. Standard of living depends on what type of society you belong. It was stated in the article that families should live according to the concept of “honour”.

    In the case above, you already dishonoured your family if you disobey your father’s wishes, wanting to marry someone the family or community considered unacceptable, also, going out in the evening unaccompanied or dressing in an unacceptable manner. I guess, the agent of socialization that first affects this type of social issue is the family. They are the persons whom you first encounter after birth. But as you grow old, you also taught on the dos and don’ts that should be practiced to honour the family. For they know that conforming the norm is strengthening the bind of “their own kind.” Secondly, the peer group and sometimes you get in touch with friends, and for you to show your loyalty and belongingness, you help with their actions and sometimes you’re triggered to be in part for their agendas, it might be good or bad. Also, who has the great influence is the mass media and technology. All the news/shows showed in the TV can be the root of every evil happening. For they learn and find an idea that it’s possible to stab, to kill person if you get out with your control after going against you own good. Also, some violent shows/movies can be the starting point of some for they imitate what exactly the movie implies.

    For me, there’s a need to lessen the types of violence showed in the TV for it’s a global show and some children might be watching it as well. In the case of honouring the family, it’s in their norm and it’s hard to go beyond those standards and since it is passed generation by generation.

  4. Trinidad A. Agui said

    This problem can be rooted to a great extent from most of the agents of socialization that we discussed. The family ,school,peer groups and especially religion can be the reasons why such honour killings are acceptable in that certain society. Nazir Afzal can’t just say that the thing(honour killing) that is commonly done in their society is just a generational thing. Whatever it is that the older people have been doing,may it be bad or good can be seen by the people(may it be other members of their family,their friends , other people from school and other people who share the same religion ) around them.although they may not be aware of it ,in some way they are setting an example and being a role model to the younger generation. The younger ones may be thinking since the old ones are doing it,they can also do it even if that thing is wrong and unacceptable.And i think that the family may be the main reason why certain individuals label such things which includes making eye contact with men,talking with the opposite sex and even cutting your hair as dishonourable behavior. According to Joan Ferrante,author of Seeing Sociology, “family is an important agent of socialization because it gives individuals their deepest and earliest experiences with relationships and their first exposure to the rules of life….and it also teaches it’s members about the world in which they live and ways to respond to it”.Harming others just because your honour is damaged and destroyed is irrational. If a person offended you and your family ,ruins your reputation can it be considered an enough reason to inflict harm or kill him/her? I mean you may have your revenge on that person but your tarnished reputation and other things that’s been destroyed will stay/ remain the same as it is. It won’t change anything ,it can’t bring back the time and it won’t change the things that’s already done in the past.
    There is a need to reduce the effects of the agents of socialization but is it even possible to minimize their effects and the roles that they play as agents of socialization? The agents of socialization have been shaping an individual’s sense of self and identity for a very long time. I think it would not be easy to in a way control the agents of socialization. Is it possible that a certain agent of socialization for example state,make laws that tells to what certain degree or level another agent of socialization(for example church or religion) can it only shape an individual’s sense of self and identity?the state can’t impose laws that will dictate that a certain religion should only believe in these set of beliefs,values and traditions.

  5. Jeremy Anne K. Lucero said

    The concept of honour of family is somehow being given importance by most families especially in Middle Eastern and South Asian families who intend to preserve the dignity of their families’ ancestry. In the case of Banaz Mahmod it mainly rooted in her FAMILY’S SOCIALIZATION. Her murder was organized by her father and uncle because of her having affair with other man after leaving an unhappy marriage arranged by her family. With this she had undergone honour killing because she had destroyed the prestige of her family. Here, I can say that her family gave more importance to their family’s prestige rather than for her happiness. This is how desperate they were to protect their family’s name among the public wherein their only way is to kill their own family member who have violated them.
    The family must be the one showing the right path that a member must take but it must not be the one to dictate or control one’s happiness…. So yes, there should be a reduction in the effect of the family on an individual. Even if you share the same blood line, it doesn’t mean that you share the same trait and quality at the same time. Culture is another issue but the family must also set a limit within things. We are now in the modern times. If we want to preserve our culture or the dignity of the family, why should we have to kill each other? For me killing a family member is even worse than having an affair with another man because it does not only staining our hands with blood but it will also reflect something in the name and culture of the family that will be passed on forever.

  6. Christian P. Cordero said

    Our society today is faced with different kinds of problem and one of it is honour killing. When we socialize especially for the higher classes, honour of the family is important because for them, it is a crucial part of being in the higher classes.

    In the article, women would probably posses this kind of problem. If we relate this to some of the agents of socialization, family, mass media and the peer group socialization is what I’ve thought as the root of this kind of problem. First in the family, we cannot force our sons and daughters marry the person they’ve never met before just to maintain the honour of the family where they belong. Marrying is a certain thing that is not “arranged” in a way, it is a long process to be developed. For me, it is not a shame for the family if their sons and daughters would marry a poor but certainly, a deserving person for them to marry because it’s in their sons and daughters to choose the person they wanted to be in their life for a long time. With this, it resulted for their sons and daughters to disobey them and follow the path that they believe as to do good in their life in the future. In this case, their sons and daughters would engage in peer groups, wherein they try to do something which they’ve never done before. They tend to come out from a strict and demanding life and to become more independent. They have changed their manners and the way they socialize with others. This time, they are now independent and their life has been connected to mass media. They are now more violent by watching those violent videos, news and many more and perhaps try those things that will later on result in many crimes in the society.

    For me, this three types of agent of socialization(family, mass media and the peer group) would greatly affect this type of crime stated in the article which is honour killing. It is a crucial part wherein each of the family in our society should remember because an inch of a problem they do, the more the crime rate in the society increase.

  7. Joanna Mari N. Perez said

    A type of society where you lived determines what standard of living your family should have. Like in the above case, the family lives according to concept of”honour” that every member of the family must follow. Freedom is an issue here because not all members of the family will just agree and the conflict starts here and resulted to “honour killings”.

    Family is the basic foundation of the society.The one who molds the young generation to become a better individual and the one who teaches us values. However, family as an agent of socialization become the root cause of honor killings. Like for example, when your father wishes you to become a lawyer and you did not obey him, you start to dishonor you family especially when your family is a “family of lawyers”. Another one an issue on “arrange marriage” where in your family forced you to marry a man whom you haven’t met in you entire life. Parents just say that its for your owned good and you have no choice. Following what your parents’ wishes that you don’t wanted to is getting you own freedom of choice. Some families act like this because they want to preserved their names. The family must not based giving respect in these kind of circumstances. A family must support their children’s happiness not that to give them miserable life just to preserve the family’s honor. Another one is the influenced of media and technology. For example, television shows that includes action scenarios which open the mind of the viewers how to defend their selves when someone forced them to do something which they didn’t want to and to get out of their control.

    Thus, I conclude that there is a need to get rid of violent/action scenario in the movies and television shows because everyone is watching including children and sometimes they are not guided with their parents. In the case of honouring family, we can’t easily stop it because this is passed to generation to generation.The only thing a child must do is to stand for what he believes in and fight for it.

  8. Family, peer group and the state are some agents of socialization that influences us in what we do. Honour violence is one of the problems I believe that roots from the family, peer group and the state. The family is one of the primary agents of socialization that influences us at birth. Our family first thought us of what to believe, our culture and traditions. As we grow old we carry this tradition and beliefs. In the case of honour violence I believe that our family plays a big role on what side are we taking regarding this issue? What we see in our family and how they raised us reflects on what we believe. For example if we see our parents fighting and leads to the hurting of the father to the mother , we would also grow on seeing that it is alright to hurt your partner when the situation calls for it. In the case of arrange marriage. If our family believes in preserving the tradition and the status of the family, it would lead them to arrange marriage for their children. On the other hand the peer group influences us being violent sometimes and hurting other people when we think we needed to hurt them. For example if your group would involve in a fight with another group because one of your peer got insulted by the other group. This is evident with high school students at present.
    As a whole influence of the agents of socialization should be lessen. Modernization could help this to happen. Through modernization we also open ourselves to different cultures and belief. We open our minds to a more liberated idea and I believe that hurting someone is not the best solution in facing the problem.

  9. Charaine H. Mendoza said

    Agents of socialization are significant people, groups, and institutions that shape our sense of self and social identity, help us realize our human capacities, and teach us to negotiate the world in which we live.

    Honor violence is a problem rooted from the family. Family is an important agent of socialization that gives Individuals their deepest and earliest experiences with relationships and their first exposure to the rules of life. In addition, the family teaches its members about the, world in which they live and ways to respond to it. But, what happened? Family became the root cause of Honour Killings, violence against a woman by another family member for engaging in behaviour deemed by the family to be shameful. Conduct such as resisting a marriage, seeking a divorce, dating, dressing in Western attire and wearing make-up has resulted in honour violence. The beatings are intended to be corrective and usually stop if the girl changes her behaviour. It’s very unfair in the part of the woman, her rights has lost. And if the woman fails from complying with the wishes of her family, family members may conclude that the only way they can regain the “honour” lost through her behaviour is to kill her. Take for instance, if the woman refuses to marry the man chosen by her family, her family may end up killing her and it shows wickedness. Taking away its right is like killing the woman already even if the honour killing is not yet done.

    To bring down the curtain, agents of socialization can greatly influence and shaped an individuals identity but can be the cause of violence in the society.

  10. Hannah Mae C. Arganioza said

    Attitude of a person can be rooted to how a family raised a child to what he or she is right now. Family is where everything should start. Every basic needs and skills of a person started within the family. It is where someone could feel protection. This is where a person should learn the values to make him a good citizen of his country.

    In the case above, family as one of the agents of socialization, have taken part in the issue of “honour killings” and this issue is a result on how a family raised a child. For example, a woman did not follow the dress code she should abide by and that is because that woman wants to try to dress differently from what she used to be. Her parents consider this action as a disgrace to the family since they believe that each of them should dress appropriately according to the tradition they have been already practicing. Some of the families react just like this since they are afraid that daughter will bring dishonor to the name of their family. Their family’s name is very important to them and they are willing to do anything just to maintain the honor of their family even if they would come to the extent of beating their own daughter. This is a problem preventing the freedom of the daughter to choose what she wants to wear. This just shows that the family doesn’t want her to have the freedom she needs.

    In conclusion, there is a need that the parents should not act abruptly as to how their daughter dress. They should give support to their daughter on what she is doing or the freedom to choose what she wants as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone. They should just settle the matter with discussion and they should explain clearly to their daughter how they would view this kind of act. They should not go with the flow of their anger with just one mistake made by their daughter. In this way they could live a peaceful life.

  11. Rozel Delos Reyes said

    “Honour killing” has been a social norm to some societies; it is something that is deemed immoral by many. However, for some reason, there are people who would justify that honour killing is okay. It is a surprise because as humans who are considered sentient creatures have values and moral. If we would talk about conscience, there would be a multiple arguments about its validity (if it is innate or is a force that dictates us on what to do that was only developed through experience), so we can’t say that honour killing should not be done because it’s against our conscience; as well as moral values, we can’t say that honour killing is against our morality because there are many forms and elements of how values exist, or even just made. Therefore, the argument about honour killing is baseless and useless. We can’t argue that honour killing is morally degrading or even against our conscious because we are not wearing the shoes of those people who have done honour killing. Why? Because to some people who believe that honour killing is not fine, it is because their moral values are against it, and moral values are different to any societies or even just to a single individual. So, those who committed honour killing have their own values, and we can’t just change them. I mean, if we have the same values, we will not argue about this.
    As we all know, agents of socialization are families, peers, community’s culture and others. They play a big role in the very existence of honour killing. The problem of honour killing is mainly because of those agents; and it is demoralizing for us that even just think that those agents are even close to us. therefore, there is a need to reduce the effects of some agents of socialization, we could not pretend that as human beings, especially if we follow the moral brought about the Bible, honour killing is okay. and if I follow my own values, it is definitely not fine.

  12. joanna garcia said

    The concept of honor killing rooted from one of the agents of socialization we have learned in our previous discussion which is family to preserve family honor.The family plays an important role for this problem. Like for example, our family was the one who decided for our future. They are the one who choose whom will we marry though we have not met that person. They also decide for our career, I mean the course to be taken, the school and friends to be with.In this case, we are not given freedom.Family are the one who controls your life. And disobeying your parents for what they want you to be and whom to be with was already a sign of dishonoring your family reputations.

    I think there is a need of reducing the effects of family specially parents factor in choosing their children’s future. Though we know that parents knows best but it is improper to get the freedom of their children just to preserve family honor. Sometimes they must look at their children’s decision in a positive way and they must be sensitive for their own feelings.

  13. Gelene Roda Alvarez said

    As what William Shakespeare said “Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life.” In our world today, how important is honor? How does it elevate one’s image in the society? And how does it affect one’s life if it is lost? Honor can be attributed to an heirloom which is preserved and passed through generations. It is what every family priced and treasured much because of its sentimental value. Honor on the other is somewhat the dignity in which every individual wanted to have and to those who considered themselves to have attained it already wanted to preserve it and passed it to their generations. Frankly, honor today has been one of the important bases to how people view you. That is why “honor killing” is not a rare case at all. As stated in the article, victims were primarily women who were not able to fulfil the expectations their family put in them. As what Hillary Mayell for National Geographic News said “Hundreds, if not thousands, of women are murdered by their families each year in the name of family “honor.” It’s difficult to get precise numbers on the phenomenon of honor killing; the murders frequently go unreported, the perpetrators unpunished, and the concept of family honor justifies the act in the eyes of some societies.” Honor killing is significant to countries who considered women as a vessel of the family reputation predominates. In this issue family would be the most involve agent of socialization since it is them who carried whatever honor they preserved or wanted to attain by using their children as a vehicle for it. Family who values more honor considered their selves least in the society if that honor is lost or not gained at all. In other cultural groups who considered honor killing as a tradition or is just a legal thing in accordance with their beliefs were criticized by some as occurring among uneducated, illiterate people whose attitudes can’t be changed. My stand is that maybe we should take considerations in practicing this honor killing because it really shows injustice. Injustice in the case that the one involve cannot decide of what she wants since she is considered as just a property and so she can’t decide for her fate. And I just want to point out some realizations that honor is really a major thing because losing it in my own perspective is more than losing life like if you were raped by someone and forced to marry that someone to avoid shame even though you didn’t love him at all. But then there are different cases involved in which different steps should also be taken so that it can be solve in a justified way. In the case of Indian brides who were killed since the parents of their grooms were not satisfied by the dowries the bride had given. For me the best solution is that it should analyse first the case involved before taking actions. So the family as an agent of socialization should be the first one to consider this.

  14. “I was conditioned to learn that from a very young age, it is dishonorable to make eye contact with men, sit with men”. As I read this phrase, I came to realize that the article is all about “FREEDOM”.
    Family is the basic unit of the society and as an agent of socialization; it plays an important role in molding young generation (their children) to be a better individual. Furthermore, this institution’s main objective is to teach children worthwhile values that they can apply in the near future. Nevertheless, the role that they are doing is the opposite of what are expected. Family becomes the root cause “honor killings”. Example in article, you already dishonored your family when you disobey your father aspirations, marrying someone in the community considered unacceptable, talking with opposite sex, cutting the hair, wearing make-up, and dress in an undesirable manner.” Arrange marriage” is also stressed, where the woman is informed to marry the man they haven’t met before. In this case, parents are the one who mandate their daughter the things they are going to do. It’s the parent’s choice and it’s a matter of getting theirs daughter right to decide for themselves. The purpose of this kind of arrangement is to upkeep handiness as well as the family’s distinctiveness. Mostly they prefer those guys who come from a well-off family for they were thinking that this type of man can really sustain their daughter along with their incoming children. What do you think will most likely to happen? Probably, this couple will live not as happy as others do. The nastiest part of it is if woman select the man they really love, honor killing then happen which is a dissipated act. In this problem, I think parents should give their daughter a chance to choose the man that their daughter think will make her happy. Parents must think that their daughter were not a child anymore. She already distinguishes what is right from wrong. Another is the influence of media (eg. TV show) that can be root for all evil. Television show includes actions which teach/influence the viewer’s point of view. They will tend to protect themselves when time comes that they forced to do things out of their control.

  15. In our society nowadays, crime rates are increasing and one of this is honor killing. As stated in the article, families’ which belong in the higher class have this kind of thought in which they thought honor as part of their life in the society.
    One of the case wherein I think as the root of this problem is within the family as part of socialization. They think that their sons and daughters are in need to marry those which matches their class. But their sons in daughters would disagree and their family would think that this case is a disgrace to their family. With this, peer group socialization is another factor for this problem. Their sons and daughters would tend to discover themselves as an independent type of person. They wanted to get free of the demands and the strict type of family they have. They gain friends who influence them on what they should do whether good or bad. In this case, the tendency is they would more engage in different violence and the worst thing is the engagement in most crimes. So I think that this kind of honor-based crimes is greatly affected by family and peer group socialization.

  16. Inna Erika E. Medina said

    What we are today is all because of the people who have shaped our past; the way we dress, the way we talk and the way we respond to the different stimulus in our society have something to do with the agents of socialization who influenced us from the very beginning of our existence. Our family, school and friends have taught us things that could either cause good or sometimes bad results for us. However, the article above discussed very disturbing instances that involves the agents of socialization. Honor killing is not that rampant in our society because we Filipinos are known of having tight family bonds and that killing a certain family member for the reason of dishonouring the family could be considered as a very brutish act. But of course, we can hear from the news that these issues were also emerging in our society: man killing his unfaithful wife and many more. If we try to examine this issue, the people who were involved have their own mistakes done. Another angle of the issue is all about those parents who force their children to engage in an arrange marriage. We cannot blame those parents for their reason is that they did it in order to preserve their family’s honor but at the same time, we cannot also blame those children who stands to disobey because they are the one who is being pushed in that difficult situation. What makes the situation worse is that parents resort to honor killings if ever their children do something which dishonors the family. The point that I wanted to emphasize is that, parents are supposed to be the people who best understands the feelings of their child and they should be the one who will help them build their future. In our society today, I think the best way to live harmoniously is that people must learn the word “respect”. The agents of socialization are the one who must help us build our own identity but they should not be the one who will make our destiny.

  17. Anna Gabriell Balan said

    Honour is one of the best things that are present in life. It can be disseminated through the agents of socialization wherein family is an agent. Technically, honour for the family is one of the most important things in life. How can one bring honor to his or her family? One way would be through obedience to the things that the parents would say to the children. Another would be through boosting the pride of the family though achieving something that can make the family proud such as finishing studies or being on top on the things that the children do.
    However, this honour that is sacred to the family is not that sacreds at all. Honour is sometimes maintained through forcing the children to follow the parents. It is because the family knows what is best for itself. What would come out here is that the parents, as agents of socialization, dictate the children on what should be done and what should not be done. And if it is not done, honour killing will take place to prevent the dishonour done by the children to the parents. It all boils down to the point that violence is directly connected to the family’s desire for honour.
    There is indeed a need to reduce the effects of the agents of socialization this case. The family must let their dictating nature to lie low. The family must let their members choose what they want so that it can live freely and not be always scared from the threat of death through honorable killing. The role of the family must be indeed minimized to make the decisions of an individual legitimate and more trusting rather than just following the family.

  18. Jobeth May Songculan said

    Every country or religion we have our own beliefs. In this article we can see that this problem as being described above is mostly rooted on a family, religion and cultural agents of socialization in the society.
    In a patriarchal society it is usually what happens. The elderly or the leader should be followed. In this kind of belief, if a younger or the lower people, (we can include here women) disobeys what the “leader” wants or their tradition, they are being punished. If the case has something to do with the religion or culture then we can say it is a form of persecution.
    Honour killings were done if a member does something that brought embarrassment to the group. It is still a kind of murder; the term used in this kind of killing is just being justified by the word honour.

  19. Jobeth May Songculan said

    Every country or religion we have our own beliefs. In this article we can see that this problem as being described above is mostly rooted on a family, religion and cultural agents of socialization in the society.
    In a patriarchal society it is usually what happens. The elderly or the leader should be followed. In this kind of belief, if a younger or the lower people, (we can include here women) disobeys what the “leader” wants or their tradition, they are being punished. If the case has something to do with the religion or culture then we can say it is a form of persecution.
    Honour killings were done if a member does something that brought embarrassment to the group. It is still a kind of murder; the term used in this kind of killing is just being justified by the word honour.

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